• Do NFT games inspire capitalism?
    NFT Games

    Do NFT games inspire capitalism?

    The general consensus is that video NFT games designed to be played for money are about power fantasies: kill enough dragons to level up to 99, sell enough wolf skins to buy a showy gold cape, and become rich, strong, or successful in the game’s world—even if you aren’t in real life. Catdicax, a 30-year-old lady from Finland, thought of Runescape as a place where she could work hard and put out effort to get more in-game items. She had amassed a collection of pricey artifacts over the course of 10 years of playing NFT games that she could earn money for. On the other hand, Catdicax finally started to…

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  • Do you want to know more about NFT games?
    NFT Games,  Online Gaming

    Do you want to know more about NFT games?

    Since the introduction of NFT games, gamers have lost their reputation as outsiders who prefer to waste their time than do anything important. By 2025, the value of the global gaming industry is predicted to be $268 billion. Consideration of a profession in gaming is no longer frowned upon but actively encouraged in many countries. This is how the NFT games paradigm, which is gaining popularity in relation to cryptocurrencies in particular, came to be. In this essay, we’ll look at the nft games paradigm in the bitcoin industry, along with several important ideas and well-known games. Online gaming has seen a wide variety of trends and patterns throughout the…

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