Strike Zone

Baseball and Softball players and teams come to Zone Action Park for our 6 station batting cages.  From slow speeds to very fast our batting cages are perfect for improving your baseball or softball batting performance or just to have fun!  Hey, everyone loves baseball and softball.  Come try our batting cages and see how much fun it is!  Or stop by and tune up before your next baseball tournament, softball tournament or baseball league game or softball league game.  Bring the whole team!
From slow-pitch softball to fast-pitch baseball, these batting cages have something to offer any athlete!

1 Play – 15 pitches for $1.49
or 7.45 Points

7 Plays – 105 pitches for $7.99
or 39.95 Points

* Must be 6 years old to bat
* 16 years old to use the
“very fast” cage
*Helmet with a faceguard must be worn

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