Speed Zone

    Go kart racing is the favorite attraction for thrill seekers to do at ZONE ACTION PARK! Our Go-Kart tracks are designed to provide safe and fun go kart racing for the entire family.  Drivers race single and double seated go karts on our big track and junior-sized go karts on our junior track.

    Our go cart tracks offer go cart racing fun for the entire family attracting families from Fort Wort, Arlington, Hurst, McKinney and Frisco for thrilling yet safe family fun!

    The big track provides fun for teenagers and adults and the junior track provides fun for small children!

    What a Deal!

    Zone Action Park is the only family entertainment center in the Dallas area that offers you the ability to purchase individual rounds of miniature golf or go kart racing sessions or 2 hours of unlimited miniature golf and go kart racing or 3 hours of unlimited miniature  golf and go kart racing or all day unlimited miniature golf and go kart racing!  What a deal!

    Go Kart Racing and Go Kart Racing with Mini Golf Prices:

    • One session of single go kart racing is $7.50 or 37.50 Points
    • One session double go kart racing is $8.50 or 42.50 Points
    • 2 Hours of unlimited go kart racing and mini golf is $19.99 per person or 97.35 Points
    • 3 Hours of unlimited go kart racing and mini golf is $21.99 per person or 108.20 Points
    • Unlimited All Day go kart racing and mini golf is$24.99 per person or 135.25 Points

    Go Kart RULES:

    • Single Go-kart drivers must be at least 54” tall.
    • Double Go-kart drivers must be at least 16 years of age and the passenger must be at least 42” tall.
    • Junior Go-kart drivers must be at least 3 years old and 36” tall.
    • No flip flops are allowed on any of the go-kart tracks whether you are driving or just riding as a passenger. You must wear shoes with a heal strap in order to ride the go-karts.

    Junior Go Kart Pricing:

    • One session of Junior Go Kart Racing is $4.99 or 27 Points

    Junior Go Kart RULES: 
    You must be at least 3 years old to drive a junior go kart

    • You must be 36” or taller to drive a junior go kart
    • You cannot be taller than 48″ to drive a junior go kart
    • Shoes must be worn with a heal strap to drive a junior go kart


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    Tips About Toto Distributor

  • Tips About Toto Distributor

    Tips About Toto Distributor

    The shrub of betting is currently growing, and also its particular origins are increasing day daily. A few years before the shrub has been viewed because of bud and abandoned unattended, it’s gained immense focus and nutrition from various states of the planet in the past few years. That is largely due to two reasons- that the alarming speed in the gaming tree is put fruits at the shape of earnings and its unfailing participation by all people.

    One particular similar yet distinctive adventure reaches the casinos of all hong-kong. The rationale is that casino ships’ structure, possibly in jack or even as casino ordeal. Even though the legalization of betting from numerous corners of the planet is now at a spike nowadays, gaming ought to be performed over constraints. Alcoholism of betting is now excessively fatal into the lifetime of their gambler and his loved ones. 

    Toto Town today isn’t connected to your mere diversion action, nor it’s taken a brand new leadership into industry and business. It truly is a fun task for a while, and for many others, it’s a flourishing organization. Even though gaming isn’t a new game that includes emerged inside this century, it still was popular among our ancestors and historians back the participation within this exercise to ancient times. It’s been factually demonstrated that the early cave-man has been a gambler.

    Historical past has observed several episodes where maybe not merely riches and material items were also a portion with this video game. Still, one’s individuality and even the possession of the family group manhood had been staked.

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    Speed Zone